Rick and Tracy GrooverDirector - Global Impact Ministries is led by Missionary Rick Groover.  Rick has been involved in missions and humanitarian assistance all over the world for more then 25 years.  His ministry began at age 27 after hearing the life changing message of the gospel.  Since that day he has ministered throughout the United States, Central America, Africa and beyond.  His burden is to both “SHARE THE WORD” and “SHOW THE WORD” to every people group on the earth. 

He has decades of experience in setting up humanitarian networks, preaching everything from mission conferences to revivals, special evangelistic events, training missionaries, and more.  Please contact GIMI at (513)256-0317 if we can assist you in any way to help the hurting and further the gospel message for the glory of God alone among the nations. Soli Deo Gloria

Secretary / Treasurer - GIMI is blessed to have Tracy Groover serving alongside her husband as Secretary / Treasurer.  Tracy brings two decades of experience in dealing with missionaries, foreign governments, special projects, and a plethora of other daily situations related to a ministry like GIMI.  She received Christ as her Savior in 1993 and has never been the same.  God now uses the lifetime of experience she has to handle the day to day needs of the GIMI office and ministry.  Tracy also assist her husband with things such as driving and more since he lost most of his eyesight in 2015.