Rick preaching in Uganda
One of the great burdens of GIMI is to get God's people involved in helping to spread the gospel and glorify God's name through humanitarian aid.  We seek to schedule special days in local churches, clubs, groups, and interested businesses where we can come and share specific needs that they can help with. We would schedule these dates well ahead of time to give them the opportunity to gather both goods and funds that are needed.  For example, we may seek to gather things such as medical and dental supplies, tools, clothing, school supplies or a number of other things.We may try to raise the funds needed to build a small clinic or a fresh water system.  The need is great and we want to partner with people everywhere to make a difference.
The Scriptures say that to whom much is given much is required.  And in a land flooded with gospel light and much riches do we not have the mandate to share both with the poor and needy? Contact us today and let's talk about partnering to help the poor and needy.  God's been good to you and me!  It's only right that we both share and show His kindness to those without around the world.
Missionary Rick Groover